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Get ready to cut a rug! Our LED dance floor is the ultimate addition to your next event. Not only will it get your guest up and dancing, but it’ll be the main attraction that’ll leave everyone talking for time to come!


If you’re looking to bring some fun and colorful movement to your event, our LED pixel dance floor is exactly what you’re looking for! Wonderfully designed and fully functional, this dance floor will add an instant atmosphere to any event.


How long is the floor available for my event?

The floor will be at your event the entire duration until the DJ says “last song”. 

What are the dimensions of the dance floor?

Our floor can be as small as 16’x’16’, as large as 24’x24′, and any size in between. 

*Smaller dimensions can be used if requested.  

Can the floor be used for outdoor events?

We’d prefer to not do outside events. If our outside criteria is met, then we’ll be there.

What is required to secure my date?

Please send us an inquiry form, and we’ll send over the service agreement, and invoice. The deposit must be paid, and service agreement must be signed. 

What effects can the floor provide?

We have over 100 special effects. From doing a light show, to making your name scroll across. 

How far in advance do you need to setup?

For the best results, we’d need to be in your space at least 2 hours before. Depending on the floor size, and  loading details, we may need to be there sooner. 


Traveling fees?

Traveling fees occur for events outside a 30mile radius. Milage will be calculated and added to the final invoice. Each additional mile is $0.79.

Ready to get the party started? Make your disco fantasy come true with the LED pixel dance floor.  Look no further, you’re in the right place!

Antawan Smith
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We had a great experience. We used them for our motorcycle's 17th anniversary party, and it was one for the books. Our party was taken to the next level with the dance floor alone. Definitely will be booking with them again.
Aungelita Williams
Aungelita WilliamsMOM'S 60TH BIRTHDAY
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It was the perfect addition to my mom's 60th birthday party! Her name and "Happy Birthday Dr. Jae", scrolled across the dance floor in lights was literally the icing on the cake. Kids, grown ups, we all danced the whole night long.
Aujahuna Brown
Aujahuna BrownRCA's HouseCon
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Talk about getting the party going. My oh my! We've never thrown a party this lit! It was 100% the dance floor and the DJ. I mean fro. beginning to end. People were on the floor, no hesitation. It's like it was the centerpiece of the party. I will most definitely be booking the dance floor again. The whole My Good Side team, really really really went above and beyond. It was better than we could've ever imagined.

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dance floor